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#1 Intro On eBay

Dear lovely readers,

Do you ever heard about eBay? 

For who are already know about eBay, but do not know whats eBay do, eBay is an online market place. That is an exceptionally warehouse sale online or shopping complex. 

This means that eBay is a place visited by customers to buy goods! 
This means that eBay is an online retail site that allows you to open your own business premises!

On eBay , sellers and buyers come and perform transactions for almost anything of physical product or digital products. Groceries ? Books ? CAR ? HOME? Almost millions of items can be found on eBay .

Seller will list their products for sale . The buyers will find items that could attract their attention. Sellers can use two methods to sell their goods , Bidding (Auction) and Buy It Now.

Through the Auction , the seller will put a minimum price for a buyer to bid. Then the buyers will bid until who place the highest price will win the bid and can get the items.

Whereas through the Buy It Now, the seller continues to put the desired sale price and the buyer is interested in the price can continue to make payments and purchase goods.

EBay also has many ramifications. For example ( U.S. ) , ( Malaysia ) and ( UK ) . When you sign in to eBay , you will be registered directly to all networks eBay and you can buy and sell from the entire network of eBay .

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